We design solutions to the needs of local grassroots organisations, Indigenous Peoples, and local communities to accelerate on-ground action

Grassroots Development​

Co-develop organisational and programmatic strategies, fundraising plans, and partnerships, while delivering systematic capacity-building to enhance team skills, streamline operations, ensure compliance with global standards to accelerate performance and delivery​.

• Streamline Management
• Digitise Operations
• Leadership Support
• Strategic Directions
• Team Skills

Landscape Management​

Assess landscape complexities to formulate landscape management strategies and develop implementation blueprints amalgamating traditional knowledge with latest scientific and technical advances. We support execution, oversee, and cultivate local competencies for the sustainable landscapes management.

• Community Inclusion
• Restoration Planning and Management
• Biodiversity Monitoring
• Evidence Building

Conservation Enterprise

Establish nature-based enterprise solutions that generate net biodiversity gains and elevate local livelihoods, while also long term-financial sustainability

• Net-Positive Outcome for Nature
• Community Self-Determination
• Reinvesting in Nature
• Financial Independence