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Alumni Update: Swapnil Chaudhari

Swapnil Chaudhari is a 2012 Inlaks Ravi Sankaran Fellow who pursued an MPhil in Conservation Leadership at the University of Cambridge. He is the Founder CEO of GroundUp Conservation. Read more.

Koshi-Tappu: A wetland haven and its people ! – Megha Rao

MomosI’ll have a plate of veg momos, please’. I was excited to finally visit Nepal and in a very stereotypical manner ordered the most-coveted dish of the country. But by the end of my field visit, I had learnt that Nepal is much more than just mountains and momos. Read more.

Scaling Conservation with Grassroots

Swapnil Chaudhari sharing about GroundUp at Silverstrand Capital’s Biodiversity Accelerator+ program kick-off meeting.

The Proposal Advantage

GroundUp facilitated a Proposal Development and Writing workshop at LEDeG, Ladakh, attracting participation from more than 15 local organisations.

GroundUp Conservation: Re-centering conservation around indigenous peoples and local communities

Radhika and I have worked in the development sector, particularly in community-led biodiversity conservation, landscape management, agriculture development, and climate adaptations for the last two decades. Read more.

Biodiversity intervention area: Capacity-Building, Consultancy

GroundUp Conservation works with Indigenous People and Local Communities (IPLCs) in India and Nepal, to incubate grassroots enterprises working at the intersection of conservation and livelihoods. With this work, they aim to empower the IPLCs to lead and benefit from eco-tourism and nature-positive product markets and break the chain of long-term donor-dependence. Read more.

Accelerating biodiversity-positive impact: A conversation with Silverstrand Capital’s Kelvin Chiu

The first cohort under Silverstrand Capital’s Biodiversity Accelerator+ program included seven entities working on nature-based solutions and technology, ranging from GroundUp Conservation, an incubator for grassroots enterprises in biodiversity hotspots, to Nightjar, which produces an AI-enabled, real-time camera alert system to facilitate monitoring of protected areas. Read more.